I am a man of many talents, a creative personality, and a problem solver. As a generalist I am happy to jump into many different niches—the man who wears many hats: adaptable and willing to learn any new process to get the job done. I am a graduate of The Art Institute of California - San Francisco, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Game Art & Design. I have several years of Maya and Photoshop experience working on many award-winning total-conversion modifications of popular games, as well as on-the-job 3D asset production. In addition I also have a diverse knowledge of many other tools and a variety of programs, and can take an asset through all pipeline stages from creation to in-engine. I’m a self-starter and a tenacious problem solver on and off the job, seeking issues and improvements under direction or of my own initiative. I enjoy working in collaborative, team environments with the goal of making unique experiences that are, above all, fun and memorable for end users.


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