M24 Chaffee "Light Tank"

I did mesh cleanup, optimization, unwrap, and texturing of this asset for Red Alert: A Path Beyond ("APB"). It went through two other artists before being passed onto me after they both left the project. APB is a free mod that recreates Command & Conquer Red Alert as a first/third person shooter.

Chaffee Light Tank Chaffee Light Tank Chaffee Light Tank Chaffee Light Tank

The W3D engine that APB uses dates back to 2002 so it doesn't support any kind of PBR workflow or modern shading models which made this an interesting study in working purely with the albedo map and baked/painted ambient occlusion, highlights, and details.

Chaffee Light Tank Model Before/After

I'm not sure what happened but when I received the model half of it was triangulated and some of the supporting meshes were clipping or floating. I cleaned everything up, did a bit of retopology, and managed to simultaneously reduce the triangle count while adding extra supporting details. I also adjusted the proportions to more closely match the actual M24 Chaffee.