3D work from various projects.


Renegade-X C-130 and AC-130

Technology used: Maya, Photoshop, Mudbox, nDo2, UDK, Crazybump


c130_showcase02_small.jpg c130_showcase03_small.jpg


ac130_showcase02_small.jpg ac130_showcase03_small.jpg

Renegade-X is a UDK first/third person shooter set in the Command & Conquer universe. This C-130 Hercules comes in cargo transport and close air support gunship variants. It features separate flaps, ailerons, rudder, and landing gear for animation and which allow for it to be used as a stationary prop on the ground.

In our single-player demo mission the AC-130 Spectre variant is featured in a cinematic sequence, and the C-130 cargo variant is a ground prop. In our multiplayer release the C-130 is used to deliver combat vehicles to players via parachute using LAPES, and the AC-130 may be used to call in air support via a target designation system.

A Path Beyond M24 Light Tank

Technology used: Maya, Photoshop, Mudbox


M24_showcase02_small.jpg M24_showcase03_small.jpg

This tank, based on the M24 Chaffee, is a remake of the C&C Red Alert "light tank" for A Path Beyond. It went through two other artists before being passed onto me after they both left the project.

When I received the model most of the turret and supporting equipment was triangulated and some of the equipment meshes were clipping or floating. I cleaned up the model and did some optimization while both reducing the triangle count and adding extra supporting detail in the suspension and the front of the glacis plate. This process also involved some retopology in a few places (primarily the turret face where it interfaces with the gun mantlet) and reproportioning to more closely match the actual M24 (thanks to some nifty Internet blueprints).

The game engine for this mod is old--circa 2002--and doesn't have support for modern normal or specular texture maps. That has made this a good study in working purely with the diffuse map and baked/painted lighting and detail. I did 100% of the unwrapping and texturing. There are four texture variants to match APB's map categories of Forest, Urban, Desert, and Snow environments.

A Path Beyond XM1 Medium Tank

Technology used: Maya, Photoshop, xNormal, Mudbox, Quixel Suite



XM1_showcase05_small.jpg XM1_showcase03_small.jpg XM1_showcase04_small.jpg

This tank, based on the XM1 prototype of the M1 Abrams, is a remake of the C&C Red Alert "medium tank" for A Path Beyond. As with the M24 above, the model was originally created by a different artist on the team and then given to me for unwrapping, and texturing.

Unlike the M24, however, the "medium tank" model was in good shape when it was passed onto me so I only had to do minor adjustments and fixes before unwrapping and texturing. Also unlike the M24 this wasn't an exercise in pure diffuse map painting; the team has recently been experimenting with modding the old game engine to support modern texture maps like normal, specular, etc. so the XM1 is being used as a test bed for that feature and I created the extra maps accordingly.


Sector 18 Experimental Reactor

Technology used: Maya, Photoshop, Crazybump, UDK.



Sector 18 is an underground military complex centered around an experimental power source in the not-too-distant future. All assets were created entirely by myself and can be seen above running real-time in the Unreal Development Kit. This environment was designed with extreme modularity in mind, and many meshes are instanced in various locations.

In the main hallways, all the floor, wall, and ceiling meshes share a single 2048 map. With a little bit of work with the UVs, I managed to create three different types of corridor shapes with only the one texture map.

Abandoned Barnyard

Technology used: Maya, Photoshop.


This Maya conceptualization was envisioned as an open area for infantry and vehicular combat in a modern-warfare first/third-person shooter in a vein similar to the Battlefield, Tom Clancy, or Call of Duty franchises. This would be a focal area of combat in the center of the environment as the terrain, structures, and objects provide cover and a defendable position. Encampments of opposing factions would be present at either end of the environment.

Concrete grain silos with climbable ladders present high, but somewhat exposed, vantage points for sniping. The interior of the barn would provide cover and multiple firing positions both to the outside as well as inside for close combat. The desert trees are based on reference photos of a desert shrub in Golden Gate Park. The barn and silos themselves are based on those at the house where I grew up. Most of the textures were created from my own photos.

Office Space

Technology used: Maya, Photoshop.


An office space made with triangle and texture limitations similar to Playstation 2 or mobile specifications. The scene is lit using only vertex lighting and polygon planes with an alpha shadow texture. The entire scene, including shadow alpha planes, is only 3,367 triangles.


M-208 Arrow

Technology used: Maya, Photoshop, Mudbox, Crazybump.



The M-208 Arrow is a unique man-portable rocket/missile launcher of my own design that takes influence from the real-life M141-SMAW, M202-FLASH, FIM-92 Stinger, AT4, and other real-world weapons systems. Like the M141-SMAW, I designed the M208-Arrow to be reloadable with rocket or missile cartridges. All five of these projectiles are based on real-world munition types.

It was originally designed for C&C Reborn, a mod for C&C Renegade. This is my own take on the design. The fold-out screen shows targeting information. The screen would utilize a render-to-texture system that allows a camera under the carrying handle to display directly on the screen. Text information like range to target and missile-lock status would be displayed. (The tank in this image is for illustration of concept and does not represent in-game visuals.)


Time Fighters Buildings

Technology used: Maya, Photoshop, Unity3D.


timefighters_showcase02_small.jpg timefighters_showcase03_small.jpg

This set of modern-era buildings are scenery objects sucked through time portals and dropped into ancient Egypt as part of my senior project class group project. The project was an arcade-style-beat-em-up side scroller in a vein similar to Castle Crashers, powered by the Unity engine, called Time Fighters.

The two leftmost buildings share one 512 map. The octagonal center building is a foreground object so it was given its own 512 map. The next two share one 512 map, and the fast food joint gets its own 512 map because it is also a foreground object. The Yummy Burger received the most detail of all the modern-era buildings in Time Fighters.