2D work from various projects.

Concept Art

Tiberian Sun Rising Plants

Technology used: Photoshop

tsr_plant1_small.jpg tsr_plant4_small.jpg tsr_plant5_small.jpg

For Tiberian Sun Rising, a Tiberium Wars modification, I created several concept art pieces for the mutating environment. First is a carnivorous plant inspired by the Drosera genus of carnivorous plants. Next is a carnivorous plant similar to a pitcher plant with tendrils to pull in prey (that guy probably shouldn't stand that close). Finally we have a mutated plant pod emitting a noxious cloud of reproductive spores.

Vega Strike Concepts

Technology used: Photoshop, Maya


For project Vega Strike with Stanford, I was tasked with creating concept art for alien space ships that not only fit in with the style of a specific race, but that also were plausible, integrating moderately-realistic requirements of our laws of physics such as heat radiation management systems, balanced center of gravity, etc..

This is a concepting style we were experimenting with. The artist would quickly make a rough 3D model, pick a nice space image from the NASA/Hubble website (royalty free! Thank you tax dollars!), do a quick lighting render pass to match the image, and an ambient occlusion render pass to get some good shadow values. Then the render was used as a canvas to experiment with surface details, shape changes, greebles, etc.. This method allowed for rapid iteration.

Texture Studies


Technology used: Photoshop, Crazybump

stonetile_showcase_small.jpg diamondplate_showcase_small.jpg crackedground_showcase_small.jpg tilefloor_showcase_small.jpg largetile_showcase_small.jpg

Tiling floor and ground textures for use in an Unreal Engine environment.

MP3 Player UI

Click the image to view the functional player.


Music tracks are © by their respective owners/creators.

This class project is a functional MP3 player coded in ActionScript 3 with art I produced in Maya, Photoshop, and Flash.

KZIG "The Big G" is a fictional radio station that plays popular music from the late 80s and early 90s. This player would be presented on their website and stream their live radio broadcasts over the web, giving their listeners an alternate way to listen whenever and wherever they want.

Prototype Game UI

Click the image to view the functional UI.


Some imagery courtesy of the Image Science & Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center.

This class project is a prototype proposal coded in ActionScript 3 for a Real Time Strategy UI with art I produced in Photoshop and Flash. This fictional title would be a next-gen Real Time Strategy title for the PC market called Rise of Terra. The setting of the game is in the future where a very different Earth seeks to assert its dominances as an interstellar power. As such, the UI reflects these futuristic themes.