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Shipped iOS/Android titles: Titanfall: Assault, After the End: Forsaken Destiny, The Disney Store, Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2, Puzzle Quest 2, Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory, Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy, Rocket Fox, Fossil Feast

Independent projects (PC platform):

Renegade-X (Released January 28, 2012)

Red Alert: A Path Beyond (Released September 14, 2007)

Tiberian Sun Reborn (Released May 31, 2013)

Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising


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Christopher Kohl

Philadelphia, PA 19106
Tel: 650-238-4649

To obtain a position that will utilize the breadth of my technical knowledge, skills, and training in computers, art, and design.

  • Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Quixel Suite, Unreal Editor 4 (UT3/UDK), Tiberium Wars SDK, Charles Proxy, xNormal, SVN, FTP, GitHub, Adobe Premiere, various RTS map editors, MS Office, JIRA, Mantis, TestTrack Pro
  • Hard-surface modeling, unwrapping, texturing, scripting, black/gray box testing, network traffic monitoring, writing
The Art Institute of California - San Francisco
Bachelor of Science degree - Game Art & Design, June 2010


Nexon M:
Titanfall: Assault, After the End: Forsaken Destiny (January 2017-October 2017)
QA Tester (Contract)
  • Contracted through TargetCW to review and test mobile titles for consistency and adherence to defined standards and requirements.

Disney Interactive:
The Disney Store, Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 (February 2015-August 2016)
QA Tester (Contract)
  • Contracted through Volt Workforce Solutions to ensure high quality of mobile games and e-commerce apps using the Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel IPs for release on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
  • Responsible for ensuring that titles functioned per designed spec and for ensuring that titles met Disney internal quality standards and external standards set by Apple and Google.
  • Monitored network traffic of client/server apps as part of testing process.
  • Wrote and executed comprehensive test plans.
  • Embedded directly with engineers and product managers for collaborative feedback and quick turnaround on design.

Apple Inc.:
Apple Maps (Flyover) (July 2012-January 2014)
3D Modeler and Cleanup Artist (Contract)
  • Contracted through Global Infotech to assess and enhance real time 3D content for iOS applications including modeling skyscrapers, landmarks, and other architecture.
  • Visually scanned terrain capture data and aerial photography for errors that required masking, adjustment, or repair.
  • Assisted in developing the foundations of processes and workflow pipeline.
  • Directly collaborated with engineers to improve production tools.
  • Wrote extensive training documentation in a wiki format and trained new hires.
  • Wrote simple productivity automation scripts in MELscript.
  • Wrote and executed test cases and test plan for software tool development and deployment.

Namco Networks America Inc.:
Fossil Feast; Puzzle Quest 2; Sky Gamblers; Rocket Fox; Various other titles (December 2010-March 2012)
QA Game Tester (Contract)
  • Contracted through Volt Workforce Solutions to assure that titles meet internal quality standards and external standards set forth by major wireless carriers before being released onto feature phones, smart phones, and tablets.
  • Volt Field Employee of the Month, July 2011.

Heartwood Studios Inc.:
Undisclosed (November 2010-November 2010)
Contract Modeler
  • Modeled and textured military assets for virtual training solutions during a production deadline.

Stanford University Computer Science Department:
Vega Strike (November 2009-May 2010)
Digital Artist (Intern)
  • Worked with a team of artists and designers to establish art styles for alien space ships and associated hardware for an open-source space adventure game.
  • Concepted, modeled, and textured designs in 2D and 3D mockups.

The Art Institute of California - San Francisco:
Time Fighters (July 2009-March 2010)
Level Designer; Environment Artist
  • Concepted designs for sidescroller-style levels. Modeled and textured environment assets as well as map terrain.
The Last Heroes (January 2009-June 2009)
Lead Level Designer; Technical Artist; Asset Modeler
  • Created urban city level designs. Prototyped entire level with placeholder art then executed level with completed artwork. Prepared assets for importing into editor. Modeled and textured various environment assets as needed.

Independent Production:
Red Alert: A Path Beyond (2009-2015)
Vehicle Artist
  • Cleaned up, unwrapped, and textured combat vehicle models.
  • Awards: 2007 Mod DB Mod of the Year Awards - Best Indie Game of the Year, 2nd place
    2004 Mod DB Mod of the Year Awards - Best Level Design, 2nd place
Renegade-X (2007-2011)
Contributing Artist; Lead Community Manager
  • Created art assets within an established art style. Managed intra and inter-community public relations.
  • Project Awards: 2009 Make Something Unreal Contest Phase 4 - Best Vehicle Set, 2nd place; Best Machinima, 4th place
    2009 Mod DB Mod of the Year Awards - Players Choice Mod of the Year, 5th place
    2008 Mod DB Mod of the Year Awards - Players Choice Best Upcoming Mod, 3rd place
C&C Reborn (Tiberian Sun Reborn) (2006-2015)
Weapon Artist; Prop Modeler; Lead Community Manager
  • Created weapon models and environment object models. Managed intra and inter-community public relations.
  • Awards: 2006 Mod DB Mod of the Year Awards - Editor's Choice Most Hyped Mod
    2005 Mod DB Mod of the Year Awards - Visual Delight Award

Douglass High School:
Yearbook Vol. 56 and Vol. 57 (2004-2006)
Technical Director; Editor; Photographer
  • Lead advisor on Photoshop and InDesign packages.
  • Digitally touched up, color-corrected, and manipulated photos for print. Photographed and documented in-school and extracurricular events.
  • Created page layout and themes for a variety of yearbook sections.
  • Wrote entertaining articles to describe events of the year. Proofread and edited other staff articles to maintain consistency and quality in the publications.
  • Maintained lab computers and other software/hardware.

Computer games and game design, technology, science, digital law, photography, building computers, modding, computer and network security, modeling, level design, texturing, copyright law and fair use, graphic design.


As far back as I can remember, I was interested in science and technology. I enjoyed learning how things worked and what they looked like on the inside. So I suppose it is only natural that I got interested in the Games industry. I guess you could say I was predisposed to be interested in this line of work.

My defining moment was back in 1996. I was at a friend's house and we loaded up Command & Conquer by (the now defunct) Westwood Studios on his computer and played the first few missions. Westwood did such a good job that the game pulled me right into the experience. I knew then that "wow this is awesome, this is definitely for me" and ever since I have been studying for a career in this field; setting my eyes on a goal and following my dream.

I didn't actually get my first computer until three years later in 1999, but I immediately started learning about every nook and cranny inside Windows 98. I was entirely self-taught. I got my hands on my own copy of C&C 95 and Red Alert 1 as well as Starcraft and made my own maps with the RA1 and SC map editors. I went to computer camp a few times in middle school and learned a little Flash and HTML. It was also during middle school that I became involved in the modding community. I started out as just a fan reading the message boards of some C&C Renegade mods. Over a little time I picked up on the technical terminology they were using like modeling, texturing, rigging, and so on just by reading news posts.

I started teaching myself gmax (a free version of 3DS Max for those that haven't heard of it; based on an old old version when it was still Discreet and not AutoDesk), Macromedia Fireworks, and the C&C Generals and Renegade Level Editors. I started posting news and community updates on a C&C fan site ( and joined a few of the mod projects as a staff member after having followed them for some time. I have worked on over half a dozen mods now in roles from forum moderator, community manager, and public relations, to gameplay and level designer, asset cleaner, modeler, and texture artist.

All of that was outside of class. In school I took all the computer and art courses that were available. Unfortunately that wasn't very many in small-town Kansas, which is why I self-taught a lot to myself. I joined my high school's Yearbook staff where I learned InDesign and Photoshop. I was also a photographer for the Yearbook at all kinds of sporting events, pep rallies, and in the hallways and classrooms. This was great because I've always enjoyed photography for as long as I can remember as well. I wore all the hats in Yearbook during my two years on the staff. At one point or another I was editor, layout artist, designer, photographer, manager, and IT technician. We released two completed yearbooks while I worked there (my junior and senior year) which were the school's first two all-color yearbooks (prior to that, only the senior class pages were in color).

In 2006 I graduated from high school and enrolled at the Art Institute of California - San Francisco in the Game Art and Design program. I chose the GAD program because I've always enjoyed creating, building worlds, telling stories, and making stuff that just plain looks cool. I think this industry is great because not only do we get to express our creativity but it is an interactive medium, not a passive one. I remained a staff member for all of those mod projects and I continued to learn outside of class as well. I focused more on the art side as opposed to the design side for my degree. Specifically my area of focus was on hard surface modeling/texturing as well as environment art. Basically anything that wasn't a character: vehicles, weapons, props, architecture and other environment art, etc.. I really enjoyed applying my gained experience to senior projects as I neared graduation, as well as an internship with Stanford, and to the modding scene.

I graduated from AI in June of 2010 with a Bachelor of Science degree. I did a bit of art contract work for Heartwood Studios and then started working at Namco Networks America doing QA for mobile and smartphone titles. When that contract ended I hopped out of games and over to Apple Inc. to lend my skills to help launch their new Maps application, specifically the 3D Flyover feature. It has been a fun experience and I definitely want to stay in the Bay Area, continuing to work in the visual field. One day in the future I may even work my way up to a lead artist or production position.

You may have figured out from my name-dropping of Command & Conquer that I enjoy the Real Time Strategy genre. My favorite strategy game is C&C Tiberian Sun. In addition to RTS games, I also enjoy the First Person Shooter genre, with my favorite being C&C Renegade (noticing a trend?) followed probably by Mass Effect and Team Fortress 2.

When he isn't pushing out sweet models, taking pictures of nature, or modding, you can find Chris writing fiction, interacting with his favorite game communities, and building his own computers. He is not sure why he has slipped into the third person now.